STAR has been involved in promotional activities to reward existing consumers, encourage new entrants, boost sales revenue and reinforce the brand’s image as a veritable tool for facilitating friendship, bonding, group fun and conviviality.

In 2003, STAR redefined consumer promotions by introducing a consumer-interactive dimension promo in the form of a Gameshow. This was done to overtly display credibility in the winning process. The show is televised and broadcast weekly. Consequently, viewers at home are given the opportunity to see, and participate in the process, while also enjoying the fun and excitements of the show.

The STAR consumer promotion Gameshow provides a good platform for consumer interaction and bonding, and leads to the winning of many mouth-watering prizes. STAR brought the STAR 55th Anniversary Promo in 2004; the STAR Millionaire, STAR Super Splash, and STAR Circle of Brightness promotions in 2005; the STAR Fun ‘n’ Fortune promotion in 2006; and the STAR “Brighter Life” TV Gameshow in 2007.