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  • A unique fusion of great tasting Star Lager blended with citrus juice.
  • It's made to give you double the refreshment, so you can get out there and double the fun, double the party and double the occasion.
  • It has 2% alcohol and is made from natural ingredients.


Radler means cyclist in German Language. It is a beer-based mixed drink with a long history in German-speaking regions. Franz Xaver Kugler, a Munich pub owner, is said to have invented the drink.

  • What is the recommended temperature of a perfect Star Radler?

    The product is best consumed cold at a temperature of 3-50

    How to serve Star Radler

    Just like regular beer, Star Radler can be consumed directly from the package or poured into a clean transparent glass.

    To enjoy a perfect drinking experience:

    Hold your glass at a 450 angle and pour Star Radler, targeting the middle of the slope of the glass. At the half-way point bring the glass at a 900 angle and continue to pour in the middle of the glass. This will create a nice head of foam.

    When to drink Star Radler?

    Any time of the day with friends

    Can I drink Star Radler and drive?

    As an alcoholic beverages company we are committed to the responsible consumption of our product at all times. As Star Radler contains alcohol, regulations for consumption will apply according to local legislation.
    Although Star Radler contains less alcohol compared to regular Star beer, we do not recommend consumption while driving.

  • What is Star Radler?

    Star Radler is a beer, made of Star Lager Beer and citrus juice (orange and lemon) offering Double Refreshment.

    Is Star Radler a natural product?

    Star Radler is a product made with quality Star lager beer and ingredients obtained from natural sources only.

    What are the ingredients of Star Radler?

    Water, Star lager beer with citrus juice - lemon juice from concentrate (0.5%), orange juice from concentrate (0.5%).

    What is the alcohol level of Star Radler?

    Star Radler contains 2% ABV

    Is it normal for Star Radler to look cloudy?

    Yes, Radler is a natural product and the cloudiness stems from the natural juice content. For a better drinking experience, feel free to stir slowly before consumption.

    What is the best before date of Star Radler?

    In general, Star Radler is best consumed within 6 months

  • Where can I buy Star Radler?

    Star Radler will be available nationally from June, 2015.

    In what type & size of package can I find Star Radler, and at what price?

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