what is

This is a Lager beer made like no other.

Specially brewed with 100% barley, a natural selection of 14 African Herbs and with 5.5% alcohol, it’s made to give you the Extra you want.

Star Triple X is Extra Smooth, Extra Strong and made with Extra African herbs which delivers a rich and well balanced taste performance.

Star Triple X, Exactly What You Want for Extra Performance

Unique Selling Point

Another first from Star Lager Beer; first of its kind in Nigeria

A true lager

Extra Smooth
- Easy to drink, specially brewed with 100% malted barley
- Rich and well balanced extra taste performance

Extra Strong
- Just the right alcohol kick, 5.5% alcohol

Extra African Herbs
- Natural selection of 14 African herbs (extracts not flavor)
- No additives no preservatives, 100% natural



star-triplex identity packaging