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What is Star Lite?

Star LITE is a new and unique product in Nigeria. Star LITE is a crisp, truly refreshing and less filling lager beer. It is Extra Cold Brewed and Ice Cold Filtered - a very innovative and unique brewing technique from Nigerian Breweries.

Star LITE is brewed with 100% natural ingredients; the finest Malted Barley, high quality Hops, and the best quality water. Similar to STAR beer, Star LITE contains no additives and no preservatives. Both STAR and Star LITE are additive free.

Star LITE contains fewer calories compared to other standard lager beers. This can be as much as 40% less calories. Due to the use of only natural ingredients it contains significant less calories, no fats, plenty of proteins, and vitamin B.

How does the temperature indicator work, and at what temperature will it turn blue?

Star LITE is the first beer in Nigeria with a temperature sensitive indicator, so you know when your beer is cold enough for you. The indicator is on the front label and changes color when the beer is at the best cold temperature for you to drink: "When the icon turns blue, the beer is cold enough for you”

The indicator is a temperature sensitive ink which changes color at a particular temperature.
Full blue will occur at 6 degrees Celsius and below.

What is Star Lite made of?

Star Lite is made of 100% Natural Ingredients: Malted Barley, Hops and Water. Star Lite contains up to 40% less calories versus standard lager beers so its less filling.

What is the size of the bottle?

It is 60cl.

Is this replacing current Star?

No it is not. The regular Star you know and love will remain available.

What is the alcohol level of Star Lite?

The Alchohol Level is <4%.

What is special about Ice Cold Brewing?

The filter is set below zero degrees Celsius which is very unique. This makes it crisp and truly refreshing.

What is the price of Star Lite?

RRP is N200.

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Star Lite